We’ve Been Working on the Railroad: Work Cars for NYCT

At a Glance

  • Client(s)
  • New York City Transit Authority (NYCT)
  • Project Location(s)
  • Brooklyn
LTK-designed railcarWork cars keep transit agencies moving. 

With more than 500 cars, New York City Transit’s work car fleet dwarfs even the revenue car fleets of many transit agencies. This fleet is made up of a variety of old and new cars with the majority being custom built to NYCT’s unique requirements. This fleet is crucial to maintaining NYCT’s 662 miles of rail infrastructure.

LTK has been working with NYCT on a variety of work car projects since 2006. LTK’s involvement has focused on a number of procurements for new vehicles, all designed to operate on a system with restrictive clearances and stringent weight limits. The variety of vehicles and the challenging requirements have provided LTK with an opportunity to use our technical depth in addressing unusual or unique design issues while also allowing us to be at the forefront of innovative vehicle design. Vehicles have included 140 rail grinder, R156 diesel-electric locomotives, R157 flat and continuous welded rail cars, R162 crane cars, R172 ballast regulators, R251 vacuum trains, R252 flat cars, R253 crane cars, and R254 refuse flat cars.

NYCT has a continuously renewed fleet of work cars that help ensure the safety and reliability of the largest transit system in the country.

LTK Capabilities Used on This Project