Planned and Unplanned Track Outages

At a Glance

  • Client(s)
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA)
  • Project Location(s)
  • Washington DC
LTK-designed railcarHelping Washington prepare for the unexpected. 

Washington Metro has grown to become the second busiest heavy rail operation in the United States. As ridership has grown, so have the challenges in maintaining the system. Similarly, when unplanned outages occur, intense demand for rail service makes unplanned single track operation challenging due to passenger overcrowding.

LTK was asked by WMATA Operations to develop a Rail Operations Construction Work Windows “Playbook” that will serve to optimize the time and geographic range of track outages for construction and maintenance. LTK’s proprietary TrainOps® software was used for this assignment. TrainOps® has powerful modeling of train performance, infrastructure and the WMATA Automatic Train Control system.

After acceptance of this first playbook, LTK was selected for a follow-on assignment to develop a WMATA Rail Controller Playbook for appropriate response to unplanned outages on the Red Line,

The Rail Operations Construction Work Windows Playbook’s scenarios were used to maximize operational reliability and minimize inconvenience to WMATA’s passengers during construction. Similarly, the WMATA Rail Controller Playbook for unplanned outages provides the optimal balance of passenger safety (minimizing passenger crowding on the platform) by minimizing overall Red Line customer travel time and maximizing system on-time performance.