NYCT’s New Millennium Cars Usher in a New Era of Service

At a Glance

  • Client(s)
  • New York City Transit Authority (NYCT)
  • Project Location(s)
  • Brooklyn
LTK-designed railcarKeeping new vehicle technologies on track. 

In 1996, NYCT began a series of major new car procurements to replace aging and failing cars and to add the latest technology to their service. The first of the new cars were designated R142 and R142A for use on the ‘A’ Division (formerly Interborough Rapid Transit); the second and third series of cars were designated R143 and R160 for use on the ‘B’ Division (formerly Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit, and Independent Subway System). The R143 cars were the first NYCT fleet equipped with communications-based train control (CBTC). NYCT has since retrofitted a number of R142A cars with CBTC equipment, and has also procured new CBTC-equipped R188 cars for operation on the “A” Division Flushing Line.

LTK played an integral role in the procurement and retrofitting of all of these fleets, providing all-inclusive engineering and management services throughout all project phases. LTK’s work continues today with the R179 project, which commenced in June of 2012. Detailed technical specifications, an unwavering focus on systems integration during the design phase, and effective production oversight – all hallmarks of LTK’s time-proven approach – have resulted in the New Millennium fleet exceeding and sustaining contractual reliability requirements.

This unprecedented wave of overlapping procurements, each a major project in itself, posed significant technical and management challenges for NYCT. With LTK’s guidance, NYCT was able to meet these challenges en route to procuring 3,504 high-tech subway cars. This helped NYCT achieve impressive fleet reliability numbers overall. The R160 class, for example, reached a record mean difference between failures (MDBF) of over one million miles.

LTK Capabilities Used on This Project