Mount Victoria Remodeling Project

At a Glance

  • Client(s)
  • John Holland
  • Project Location(s)
  • Mount Victoria, NSW
LTK-designed railcarSafety first. 

A program of rail corridor and station modifications are being completed to enable the New Intercity Fleet (NIF) trains to service customers between Springwood and Lithgow. The Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project is a part of this program.

John Holland was contracted by Sydney Trains to realign sections of track, improve the Mount Victoria stabling yards, overhead wiring, and train signalling system, and make minor modifications to the Mount Victoria station awnings and platform edges.

LTK Australia was engaged to provide safety assurance services for the project, which for Stage 1 included the drafting and updating of key safety assurance activities and documentation such as Safety Assurance Statements (SAS), and providing assurance assessments and preparation for upcoming possessions key to the project development.

Additionally, LTK is leading the safety assurance program for the Stage 2 resignalling. This part of the project was classified as “significant,” which means extra assurance assessments and documentation and scrutiny from different levels of Transport for New South Wales and Sydney Trains. For this part of the scope, LTK is helping to integrate the safety arguments from Hitachi – the lead signalling designer for the WSP2G system, which is novel to the network – with the type approval process from Sydney Trains’ internal systems engineering teams.