BART’s Berryessa Extension Requires Careful Operational Planning

At a Glance

  • Client(s)
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
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  • San Francisco
LTK-designed railcarSilicon Valley Berryessa Extension Service planning and operations analysis. 

BART is implementing significant changes to its operating schedule in order to serve the new Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension. The new operating plan represents the first structural changes of this scale since the mid-2000s. For an agency as large and complex as BART, any change in operations is a months-long process, which requires engagement with many groups of stakeholders.

Building on LTK’s previous experience with the Warm Springs Extension, LTK is helping BART to create new Berryessa Extension operating plans for weekday and weekend service. An existing TrainOps® simulation model was expanded to include BART’s entire system. Working with BART service planners, LTK is using TrainOps to inform key decisions about how existing service can best be extended to Berryessa.

LTK is providing solutions for routing and dispatching BART’s five service lines while satisfying the following constraints:

  • Providing sufficient scheduled layover time at terminals,
  • Complying with fleet availability,
  • Providing timed meets (connections) between service lines,
  • Complying with BART’s service standards for levels of service and service regularity.

LTK’s work identified several critical system capacity constraints that required creative scheduling solutions. For example, BART’s Daly City terminal operation required conflict resolution between the two service lines that share the terminal. TrainOps was also used to test potential rearrangement of evening and weekend service. The Berryessa Extension may change ridership demands/patterns and LTK is supporting BART as it works to realign service.