LTK Engineering Services is the vehicle and systems consultant to the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) for the City of El Paso, TX, streetcar project.

LTK is managing the remanufacture of vintage Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) cars, which last operated in El Paso in 1974. The first of six PCC cars, which are undergoing extensive restoration and modernization after decades of outdoor storage, was delivered in mid-March. LTK also prepared the designs for the traction power and overhead contact systems.

The first car, No. 1506, is painted light green, red, and white, the same color scheme used in the fleet from the late 1960s through 1974. The other cars, which are expected to be delivered throughout 2018, will feature colors from 1950s fleet (green, orange and white) and 1960s (dark green, light green and white).

You can view a video about the El Paso project here. And read about it in Railway Age.