Senior Vice President

Ernie has been with LTK since 2002, inclusive of a short pause, and has been a regional Vice President since 2015.

He is a veteran of over four decades in the transit and railroad industry, delivering executive leadership, programs and project management, and management and technical experience in the maintenance of rolling stock and the operation of maintenance facilities. He has worked on all types of rail vehicles ranging from high-speed passenger trains, to locomotives, to heavy rail, to streetcars, and those between.

Ernie has held positions of Director Projects North America for Bombardier, and Program Director – Corporate Equipment Acquisition and Assistant Chief Mechanical Officer – Corporate for Amtrak. Most recently, Ernie managed the 748 car procurement for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) 7000 Series cars.

He is a passionate health and fitness enthusiast as well as a sailor and home remodeler.