Manager, System Assurance

Dan Lang joined LTK in 2014 and offers 14 years of experience in vehicle, wayside infrastructure, systems engineering, and system safety aspects of transit, rail, and bus industries. He currently leads LTK Systems Assurance Group, which assists clients with operational systems safety procedures, safety plans, integrated vehicle and system design and reliable maintenance practices.

Most recently, Dan helped lead LTK’s COVID-19 mitigation processes, including the use of UV lights and other cutting edge technologies, for the disinfection of rail cars, buses, and paratransit vehicles.

Dan is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer and Project Management Professional, who has experience in signaling, transportation, fleet assessment, reliability studies, failure analyses, vehicle procurement, wayside and vehicle systems testing, structural overhaul, and instrumentation studies.

Additionally, he has managed large scale capital projects for railroads with budgets exceeding $250 million.

Dan earned a bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, a Master of Science degree in Engineering/Engineering Management from Purdue University, and is working toward a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Systems Engineering from Colorado State University.

When not working, Dan enjoys traveling around the world. Dan takes four to five long-distance trips per year, with at least two of them being international. Dan’s favorite destinations thus far have been Iceland, Martinique, and Switzerland due to the beautiful landscapes