Managing Director, LTK Australia

Chi Ping is known by her initials in the industry; everyone calls her CP. She has been with LTK since 2013 and has been LTK Australia’s managing director since November 2016.

CP is a system integrator with three decades of experience in a multi-disciplinary environment within the rail industry. She is a Chartered Engineer with experience encompassing all phases of the project life cycle. Her background covers requirements management, design, design management, testing and commissioning, and project management, ranging from metro to high-speed rail. She has worked for clients, suppliers, technical advisors for financiers and now holds a managing role with LTK Australia.

CP held technical and management positions in MTR in Hong Kong before becoming a full-time technical consultant to the Taiwan High Speed Rail project for 3½ years. When she migrated to Australia, she held a position as a Principal Engineer and was the transport lead at WorleyParsons until she joined NDYLTK Rail in 2013. NDYLTK Rail became LTK Australia in July 2018. LTK Australia continues to offer rail consulting services in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Asia.

CP is a post graduate of Loughborough University of Technology. She is a keen swimmer, enjoys table tennis and is a gourmet chef.