LTK Engineering Services was well-represented at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Rail Transit Conference held June 10-13 in Denver, CO.

Natalie Cornell, the Director of Business Development at LTK, discussed “An International Perspective on Best Value.” She was also the moderator for the “Rail Procurement: Today and Tomorrow” seminar. Cornell is a member of the APTA Board of Directors, Chair of the Business Member Procurement Committee, and Vice Chair of the Rolling Stock Equipment Technical Forum.

Ethan Kim, a Principal Systems Engineer at LTK, was the moderator for “Preventing Miscommunication with Your Signaling System.” He is the Chair of APTA’s Power, Signals and Communications Technical Forum.

Kevin Miller, a Systems Engineer at LTK, spoke at the “Unlimited Power! – Traction Power Innovation” session. His presentation was titled, “The Super Bowl Event – Unlocking the Potential of Traction Power Modeling to aid in Event Planning.”

Dennis Page, a Rail Operations Analyst at LTK, presented on “TriMet’s Light Rail Simulation Study for Operational Playbook Development” as part of a session called Changing the Operations Playbook.

Ted Rosenbaum, a Principal Consultant with LTK, gave a presentation titled “Towards a Passenger-focused, On-time Performance Metric for Commuter Rail.”

The APTA conference, which was for all rail modes – urban, commuter, high-speed, and intercity – featured sessions on technology, operations, maintenance, safety and security, planning, finance, capital projects, workforce development, and more. For information, go to the  APTA website.