LTK’s Tom Furmaniak speaking at the Vehicle session moderated by colleague Steve Apanian (seated).                            Photo courtesy of Mischa Wanek-Libman, Mass Transit Magazine







LTK’s Tom Furmaniak served as Chair of the Planning Committee for the 14th National Light Rail and Streetcar Conference that was held in Jersey City, N.J. from April 7-9. The Committee included Steve Apanian, John McGee and Ted Rosenbaum. Other LTK staffers in attendance were Jessica Arbona, Paul Chedrawi, Pallavi Lal and Chris Pacher.

Furmaniak presided over the opening session and provided a presentation of The Light Rail and Streetcar Renaissance in North America, which chronicled the growth of these modes over the past four-plus decades. Rosenbaum presented the Status of North American Light Rail and Streetcar Systems, a city-by-city update of these systems since the last conference, which was held in 2015 in Minneapolis, MN. He also moderated a session titled Improving Operations: More, Better, Faster, and delivered a presentation titled The L Line: Reinventing RTD’s Original Light Rail Line to Improve System Operations.

Apanian led a session titled Rolling Stock: Wheels of Change in which Furmaniak presented a quick rundown of North American LRV/Streetcar Procurements. Pacher teamed with his  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Association client to present Increasing Capacity on a Very Mature Light Rail System, and McGee moderated a session called Planning, Policy & Regulations: Getting the Stars to Align.

Recaps of the conference can be found at Mass Transit Magazine and Railway Age.