Steve Hanson                                             Ted Northcutt                                            Sharon Knorr

LTK’s Steve Hanson, Ted Northcutt and Sharon Knorr joined an elite group of employees who have worked at the company for 40 or more consecutive years. The others are Louis Thornton Klauder, Hank Raudenbush, Cathy Schmidt, Cliff Woodbury, Marsha Hoffman, John Gustafson, John Helduser, Bill Frandsen, Jim Morgan, John Pearson, John Glod, Elliot Gitten, Dorothy Staniszewski and Rick Franzen.

“LTK is proud to have dedicated employees such as Sharon, Ted and Steve, who lead by example and embody the company’s work ethic and culture,” said President Dominic DiBrito. “We thank them for their devoted service and wish them continued success.”

“It’s been, on the whole, an enjoyable 40 years,” Hanson said. “There were only about 70 or 75 people when I came to LTK. Now, we’re a little over 400, so there are a lot of new faces, a lot of younger ones. The company is getting bigger. We’ve been very lucky in that we keep getting more and more contracts and are able to bring more people on.”

Those “people” are the heart and soul of LTK, said Northcutt, the company’s IT Director.

“I can’t say that there’s a person here that I don’t like,” he said. “The people genuinely care about each other. I feel that if you do your job you will be rewarded and appreciated. People generally have a need to feel like they’re valued and management makes you feel that way.”

Knorr, the Director of Project Administration, agreed.

“I am part of the orientation for new employees,” she said. “I tell everyone that we are special. You will always be a person… treated as an individual. The right people are here to guide you to success.

“We are four times larger than when I first started at LTK, but the small-firm feeling is still here. I would sometimes walk to the office after my ride on PATCO to Locust Street with Lou Klauder [son of LTK’s founder, Louis Tobias Klauder]. I respected him immensely and he would talk about always challenging ourselves and to always keep the bar of expectation high. He gave me a strength that I carry with me.”

The three were honored with a company picnic at the Ambler office on Wednesday, May 23rd.  Fox 29 in Philadelphia produced a televised segment of the event, which can be viewed here.