Steve Apanian has been named LTK Streetcar Practice Lead, responsible for streetcar business development, coordinating closely with LTK’s Director of Business Development Natalie Cornell and its regional management, as well as for oversight of streetcar project execution. Apanian, who also serves as LTK’s Vice-President for the North Central Region, was Technical Advisor to MARTA for the Atlanta Streetcar, which opened in December, and is currently leading LTK’s work in Milwaukee. He is also supporting LTK’s work on the Nicollet Mall Streetcar project in Minneapolis.

LTK has been a leader in the planning, design, and operation of modern streetcars for more than 20 years. The firm began streetcar work with the Portland Streetcar project in the 1990s, and that system entered revenue service in 2001. LTK has been involved in streetcar planning and design in over 20 cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, El Paso, Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Tacoma, Tucson, Sacramento, Seattle and Washington, DC. The firm has been involved in the procurement of nearly every modern streetcar in service or on order. These include the first in North America to employ onboard energy storage for off-wire operation (in Dallas and Seattle) and the first 100% low floor cars in the US (Cincinnati).

In his new role as LTK’s Streetcar Practice Leader, Apanian succeeds LTK’s Tom Furmaniak, who recently assumed the role of Managing Director of NDYLTK Rail, LTK’s Australian affiliate.