Wayside System Maintenance

Like the train itself, every wayside component of a rail system must be expertly designed and constructed. LTK’s system engineering services cover every phase of rail project development. From investigations of overhead contact system (OCS) and traction power substation (TPSS) failures, to signal system training and tunnel emission evaluations, LTK provides its experience and knowledge to enhance and improve wayside reliability and functionality.

Wayside Systems Maintenance Support

Our deep bench of system engineers and specialists are ready to troubleshoot, perform studies, support equipment implementation, and provide in-house training to improve wayside reliability and efficiency. LTK has recently supported numerous wayside maintenance departments with:

  • Yard track studies
  • Locomotive tunnel emissions studies
  • Vibration detection systems
  • Signal maintenance training and wayside equipment training
  • Running rail contamination studies
  • Signal and crossing shunting studies
  • Third rail shoe interface studies
  • TPSS maintenance procedures and support
  • Track circuit assessments
  • TPSS cable inspections
  • OCS cable, pole, and component inspections