Every component of a transit system must be operated, dispatched and supported, and Hatch LTK’s expertise can help transportation departments enhance day-to-day activities, and support efficiency improvements in all processes. From dispatch playbooks to rules compliance monitoring system development, Hatch LTK’s transportation specialists help clients enhance railroad operations.

Transportation Support

Hatch LTK’s engineers and specialists are well-equipped to provide various types of support. LTK has recently supported numerous transportation departments with:

Operations and Maintenance (O&M):

  • Plans prepared and reviewed per FRA and FTA guidelines
  • Development of transportation, dispatch, security and other staffing levels
  • Request for Proposal for Operations
  • Planning and implementation
  • Contractor transition, and maintenance and compliance audits


  • Optimization
  • FRA operation and maintenance regulation training
  • Signal shunting mitigation

Vehicle, Yard and Staffing Assessments:

  • Yard studies
  • Rail vehicle maintenance and staffing assessments
  • Yard and shop studies for new equipment, and car capacity studies

Fleet Management Plans:

  • Minimum Operating Standards and Equipment Lists-MOSEL
  • Concept of New Operations
  • Life Cycle Asset Management Plans and Condition Assessments
  • Car Reliability “Caretaker” Program


  • Super Bowl plan for enhanced operations
  • FTA grant application support
  • Wheel noise
  • Freight RFPs and plans
  • Technical workshops
  • Operator speed analyses
  • Playbooks, winter preparations
  • Streetcar Interface plans for highway construction