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Our Capabilities

LTK is the market leader in our four main capability areas: vehicles, rail systems, revenue management and technology, and operations planning and simulation. As the most experienced rail vehicle consultant in North America, and the only major consulting firm that specializes in rail vehicle and systems engineering, LTK has been actively involved in most of the major and innovative rail transportation projects in the United States. LTK's current assignments cover all phases of project development, from preliminary planning through revenue operation and warranty closeout.

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Rail Vehicle Engineering
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Rail Systems Engineering
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Revenue Management & Technology Systems
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Operations Planning & Simulation

Commuter Rail Rolling Stock

Over the years, as rail cars have evolved, so have we. We’ve helped public agencies purchase and install nearly every type of commuter car in North America — push-pull, electric multiple units, diesel multiple units, gallery, single-level — you name it, LTK's been there.... Read more.

Intercity Rolling Stock

In 1965, LTK was tapped by the federal government and officials in Pennsylvania to design and develop part of the nation’s first high-speed rail program. Nearly 30 years later, we served as Amtrak’s lead engineer for the Acela project, which currently generates 30 percent of ... Read more.

Light Rail Vehicles

For decades, cities across the U.S. have depended on us for light rail expertise. Having worked for virtually every light rail service provider in North America, we’ve built enduring relationships with our clients, guiding them from beginning to end through the evaluation, planning, installation, ... Read more.


Since the early 1970s, LTK has applied its proven techniques for engineering and management services on more than 50 locomotive projects serving the passenger and freight transportation industries.... Read more.


Once a symbol of bustling cities through much of the last century, streetcars are signaling a return to downtown investment and revitalization. More than just a “cool” factor, new streetcar installations help make cities cleaner, more sustainable, and more livable. LTK has helped more than ... Read more.

Rapid Transit Vehicles (Metros)

More than 40 years and 7,000 cars — that’s our background helping transit authorities across North America acquire and install metro rapid transit cars. While the location or region may change, what remains constant is our attention to detail at every step of the ... Read more.

Corrosion Control

Our corrosion engineering practice focuses on the design of ways to manage or prevent galvanic and stray-current corrosion control for underground pipelines, reinforced concrete structures, grounding systems and other elements associated with dc-electrified transit operations and utilities. ... Read more.

Overhead Contact Systems (OCS)

With many projects involving historic neighborhoods and downtown transit malls, LTK is well-known for minimizing the visual intrusiveness of the OCS while delivering reliable, maintainable, and cost-effective designs.... Read more.

Rail Maintenance Facilities

When designing yard and maintenance facilities, we emphasize the functional elements of the facility to ensure proper integration of the elements into a simple, straightforward, and efficient infrastructure design.... Read more.

Signaling & Train Control

We have played a principal role in major signaling projects throughout North America. Our assignments have included signal and train control engineering for light rail and heavy rail transit, commuter rail, intercity passenger rail (including high speed rail) and freight railroads. ... Read more.

Traction Power

In 1935, LTK was commissioned to design the traction power substations and third rail system for the rapid transit line between Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ. Today, LTK continues to build on the experience gained from these early projects, and is recognized ... Read more.

Load Flow Modeling

LTK’s proprietary TrainOps® software provides comprehensive ac and dc traction power simulation capabilities, including loading analysis, regenerative braking optimization, energy consumption prediction (and allocation among multiple operators), rail-to-ground potential and overall traction power system design support for new systems and those undergoing ... Read more.

Communications Systems & Supervisory Control

LTK has developed a strong reputation in the transportation industry for successfully overseeing and integrating the various complex components comprising an effective rail transit communications system. ... Read more.

System-wide Electrical

System-wide electrical engineering gave us our start. Hundreds of projects later, we’re still known for our knowledge and versatility. In some cases, it’s an electrical distribution system for a high-volume transit system. In other cases, it’s an art project bringing audio and ... Read more.

Rail Systems Integration

Our approach to rail systems starts with comprehensive documentation of the relationship between applications design and requirements. Our team ensures that each system’s functionality, interfaces, and performance are well-defined and function as a coherent whole, delivering seamless operation.... Read more.

Fare Payment Systems

LTK has long been in the forefront of innovations in fare payment systems, including fare structures and emerging technologies. Our experienced professionals include project managers with years of hands-on agency experience who have an excellent track record of managing risk and organizational change to help ... Read more.

Smart Card Systems

LTK has supported many successful transitions from currency, coins and paper to smart cards and other smart technologies. Similar to a credit or debit card, smart cards are long-lasting, cost-effective and reduce the agency role of media distribution.  While the traditional model includes data ... Read more.

Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing systems have become an integral part of the transit landscape. LTK supports the design, procurement and delivery of mobile ticketing, reloads and purchases, and tie-ins with entertainment venues, events and other partners.  Mobile is an essential, affordable element of any payment toolkit.... Read more.

Fare Policy Analysis

LTK’s experts help clients develop their first formal fare policy and pricing strategy, evaluate Title VI requirements, modify pricing structures, expand sales channels and accurately project the effects of pricing scenarios through our Fare Insights Model. LTK has facilitated listening sessions and public meetings, engaging ... Read more.

CAD/AVL Systems & Other ITS

Computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location systems, which are common on rail and bus fleets, integrate with a variety of other on-board and back-end systems, and offer irreplaceable real-time benefits to agency managers, operators, planners and the riding public.  LTK’s staff has worked on a variety ... Read more.

Service Design & Scheduling

Our capabilities include development of service plans and operating plans for existing and proposed rail networks, as well as development of equipment cycles for a given operating plan.... Read more.

Energy Usage & Conservation

From the application of lighter composite materials in new vehicle designs to optimization of rail systems to recover maximum regenerative braking energy, we are striving every day to make the “green” rail industry even “greener.” Our TrainOps® software can predict energy ... Read more.

Capacity Analysis

We are recognized experts in the critical block layout and control line design phase of train control design, producing layouts for new systems and extensions that satisfy the operational requirements of a rail network while minimizing capital cost. ... Read more.

Operations & Maintenance Costing

LTK maintains multimodal O&M cost models including those for bus, light rail transit, heavy rail rapid transit, commuter rail and intercity rail.  We develop new models for planning and financial analyses, often using energy usage predictions from TrainOps® as one ... Read more.

Operations Analysis & Simulation

Our simulation capabilities include detailed single train type (TPC) simulations, multiple train rail network simulations for operational evaluation, energy consumption/allocation studies and traction power simulation. We use a variety of simulation tools, including our own TrainOps® software.... Read more.

TrainOps Operations, Traction Power, Train Control & Traffic Modeling

Trainops by LTK

TrainOps® is LTK’s proprietary operations and electrical network simulation software for all types of rail systems. Its capabilities support the unique operational challenges ... Read more.