Since the early 1970s, LTK has applied its proven techniques of Engineering and Management Services on over 50 locomotive projects serving Passenger and Freight Transportation Industries. Our most recent projects have involved all elements of locomotive procurement including:

  • Conceptual Design,
  • Technical Specification Development,
  • Commercial Terms and Conditions,
  • Procurement Support,
  • Design Review,
  • Inspection Services,
  • Testing and Commissioning Services,
  • Warranty Program Management, and
  • Maintenance Programs (Life Cycle Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Source Material Specification, etc.).

LTK’s extensive locomotive experience covers:

  • Diesel-Electric Locomotives (Passenger and Freight),
  • Dual-Mode Passenger Locomotives,
  • Electric Passenger Locomotives,
  • High Speed Trainsets,
  • Switch Engines, and
  • Self-Propelled Specialty Equipment (Work Equipment).

Our technical specialties and areas of expertise include:

  • Diesel Power and Generators,
  • Emission Controls,
  • Head End Power,
  • Primary Power Systems (Main and Auxiliary Transformers and Switch Gear),
  • EMI Mitigation,
  • Propulsion Systems and Controls,
  • Carbody Structure (Crashworthiness, Weight Management, Composite Materials),
  • Trucks,
  • Braking Systems,
  • Train Control Systems,
  • Communications Systems,
  • Cab Design,
  • Auxiliary Systems,
  • Couplers and Trainlines,
  • Life Cycle Maintenance, and
  • FRA Compliance.