Transit Wireless Communication Systems

In the past decade, the use of communication systems in transit, especially wireless capabilities, have progressed exponentially. So much so, that it has now become an irreplaceable component of any transit-related system; from on-board rail and bus vehicles to wayside devices, control centers, and passenger information systems. Additionally, emerging technologies such as broadband wireless capabilities, are now allowing agencies to control the transit environment on a real time basis and provide better service to their passengers. With higher demand, the need for top notch communications system engineering is essential. The effective communications system has to provide reliable, safe, and high quality service. The spectrum used in radio communications is a limited, high-value resource; therefore, each communication system has to be efficient. Transit agencies are also required to comply with recent FCC rules and regulations governing the wireless domain, such as 2013 Narrowbanding requirement and spectrum migrations.

LTK has developed a solid reputation in the transportation industry for successfully overseeing and integrating the various complex components comprising an efficient transit communication system. With an emphasis on safety and reliability, our full range of services include project management, technical assessment, conceptual design, detailed specifications development and technical drawings, cost estimating, equipment and vendor procurement analysis, oversight of manufacturing, installation and testing, and continuing technical support. Most importantly, it reflects the expert insights gained through our on-going work with major clients on a variety of communication systems. These insights are drawn from our participation throughout the entire life span of the project cycle, from conceptual design to development of detailed technical specifications and commercial documents, to extensive hands-on support during design review, testing and service start-up.
While satisfying communication systems clients, LTK has provided the full range of communication systems engineering consulting services, including:

  • Train Control Systems, including PTC (I-ETMS, ACSES, ATC) and CBTC
  • Train-to-Wayside Communication
  • Microwave, Fiber Optic and Copper Backbone Systems
  • RF Propagation Analyses and Spectrum Fitness-For-Use Studies
  • Simulcast, Multicast, Trunking and Conventional Systems
  • P25, NXDN, and Analog Voice Networks
  • FCC Licensing and Spectrum Acquisition Support
  • 802.11 Wi-Fi and 802.16 Wi-Max Broadband Systems
  • Narrownbanding Regulations
  • Commercial Cellular, including EV-DO, LTE and GSM
  • Passenger Information Systems and Variable/Dynamic Message Displays
  • Facilities Monitoring (Tunnels, Stations, Elevators/Escalators)
  • Safety, Fire and Security/Intrusion Monitoring

LTK has the tools and experience needed to expeditiously respond to any client need.

LTK Transit Wireless Communication Brochure (pdf)

LTK has played a significant role in a variety of projects throughout North America and continues to be involved at the forefront of transit communication systems deployment. We have the unique knowledge and the tools to perform surveys, simulations and any activities required to assist our clients with their unique communication systems needs.